My Instructional
Design Journey

Featuring my fur baby, Hamilton.

The Short Story

I’m a dynamic and innovative problem-solver with over six years of experience designing course content, learning activities, and training materials in various settings.

I’ve always had a knack for diving deep to understand how people think and learn. I thrive on creating engaging learner-centered experiences that deliver measurable results.

I've taken on leadership roles that have equipped me with the skills needed to facilitate strategic plans and project initiatives, delegate tasks, and manage project deliverables while coaching and mentoring others throughout the process.

I’ve developed extensive knowledge in instructional design processes such as ADDIE and Action Mapping, and I’ve gained confidence in using in-demand tools like Articulate Storyline 360, Vyond, and Adobe XD.

As my career evolves, I stay updated on current learning trends by exploring content, reading articles, and engaging with the learning and development community.

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The Whole Story

My life has been a continuous journey of navigating how people think and learn.

Hitting the Trail

Having always been curious about how people think, I hit the trail by pursuing a bachelor's degree in psychology.

My interest in the human mind quickly became paired with a fascination for how people learn, and from there, I continued my trek by becoming an educator.

Using my combined love for education and psychology, I started to thrive by creating learner-centered experiences that produced measurable results.

Exploring New Territory

I began to explore new territory by taking on leadership roles like department chair and yearbook adviser.

Both roles helped me develop leadership skills that allowed me to serve as a mentor for others while learning to facilitate plans, manage tasks and deliverables, and track data.

Serving as the  yearbook adviser helped me understand how basic design principles like alignment, contrast, proximity, and repetition could enhance the user experience.

The Scenic Route

Taking the scenic route, I started a side business creating and and customizing learning experiences nationwide.

I quickly learned the power of developing prototypes, collecting feedback, and iterating based on user feedback to ensure customer and learner satisfaction.

I continued on by making the leap to get my master's degree in curriculum and instruction. My newfound knowledge allowed me to apply best instructional practices to all of my deliverables.


I took an unexpected detour when the pandemic challenged me to reroute my journey and digitize all of my daily routines and tasks.

I experienced firsthand how eLearning could enhance the learner experience through data tracking, self-paced instruction, prescriptive feedback, and chunking of information.

I began to experiment with creating microlearning how-to videos and eLearning experiences to help clients complete tasks and retain information at their own pace.

Expanding Horizons

I continued on my path by expanding my horizons. I explored adult learning theories and processes like action mapping and ADDIE, and took instructional design courses on Linkedin.

I consumed learning and development-related podcasts and Youtube videos, and conducted informal videos with established instructional designers to learn about their experiences.

I eagerly engaged with the learning and development community on Linkedin and collaborated with others on design challenges.

Reaching the Summit

I continued on my uphill climb by using the new information I’d obtained to upskill. I gained confidence with using in demand  tools like Articulate Storyline 360, Vyond, and Adobe XD.

I found my way to the top of the summit once I finished creating a portfolio that showcased my instructional design skills and talents.

Although I have another adventure ahead, my path along the way has led me exactly to where I’m meant to be, and I’m excited to start a new adventure where I can continue to develop and grow.

A New Adventure Awaits

I'm thrilled to join a company that values developing high-quality learning experiences that deliver measurable performance results.

I’ve packed a dedication to high performance, a knack for problem-solving, a passion for lifelong learning, and a love of design.

I’m ready to start the climb toward long-term success at Amazon Web Services.

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