My Instructional
Design Journey

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The Short Story

I’m a creative and innovative learning experience designer with over seven years of experience designing course content, learning activities, and training materials in various settings.

I’ve always had a knack for diving deep to understand how people think and learn. I thrive on creating engaging learner-centered experiences that deliver measurable results.

I've taken on roles that have equipped me with the leadership skills needed to facilitate strategic plans and project initiatives, delegate tasks, and manage project deliverables while coaching and mentoring others throughout the process.

I have extensive knowledge of instructional design processes, UX principles, adult learning theory, evaluation methods, and agile methodology. I am proficient in using tools such as Articulate Storyline 360, Camtasia, Vyond, and Adobe Creative Cloud.

As my career evolves, I continuously stay updated on current learning trends by exploring content, reading, using new software, and engaging with others in the learning and development community.

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The Whole Story

My life has been a continuous journey of navigating how people think and learn.

Hitting the Trail

Intrigued by the complexities of the human mind, I hit the trail by earning my bachelor's degree in psychology.

My interest in the human mind soon evolved into a fascination with how people learn, leading me to continue on my trek by becoming an educator.

 By blending my love for education and psychology, I discovered my niche for designing learning experiences that engage learners through real-world applications.

Exploring New Territory

Guided by my passion for creation, I began exploring new territory by developing and distributing curriculum pieces online to educators across the nation.

I quickly learned the power of developing prototypes, collecting feedback, and iterating based on user feedback to ensure customer and learner satisfaction.

I ventured further into new territory by embracing the role of Department Chair. This role cultivated my capacity and confidence to mentor, streamline plans, delegate tasks, oversee deliverables, and monitor data.

The Scenic Route

I continued my journey by taking the scenic route and embracing the role of Yearbook Adviser. Through this role, I discovered the noteworthy impact of using design principles and visual storytelling to captivate the audience and enrich the user experience.

I proceeded along the scenic route by earning my master's degree in curriculum and instruction. This newfound knowledge allowed me to fully appreciate and recognize the art of integrating best instructional practices and research-based learning theory to craft impactful learning experiences.


When the pandemic caused a detour with school closures, I had to reroute and deliver all instruction in a digital format. It wasn't long before I grasped the power of eLearning, from data-driven insights to self-paced learning and gamification.

Using my visual design and technology skills paired with my deep knowledge of learning theory, I built digital learning solutions like eLearning modules, tutorials, and webinars. Soon, I was training my colleagues to do the same.

Recognizing my knack for creating impactful digital learning solutions, I was inspired to pursue a career as an instructional designer, where my passions and talents intersected.

Expanding Horizons

Dedicated to expanding my horizons, I embarked on a climb of continuous learning. I delved into adult learning theories and explored frameworks such as ADDIE and SAM.

I enrolled in instructional design courses, attended webinars, interviewed corporate instructional designers, and participated in design challenges.

My journey led me to familiarize myself with tools like Articulate Storyline 360, Vyond, and Camtasia. Using these tools, I developed a portfolio that showcases my expertise in instructional and visual design, my profound understanding of adult learning theory, and my passion for creating captivating learning experiences.

Reaching the Summit

With the skills, experience, and portfolio I developed along my journey, I reached the summit by joining Amazon Web Services, a company that aligns with my dedication to customer satisfaction and driving innovation.

In my current role as a Curriculum Developer within the Global Learning department, I play a pivotal role in training our global support workforce.

This entails collaborating with subject matter experts and stakeholders to create high-quality, data-driven, innovative learning solutions aimed at enhancing workplace performance.

A New Adventure Awaits

I'm in search of my next adventure.

I'm seeking a remote role with a company that practices a learner-centric, innovative, and collaborative approach to crafting engaging learning experiences.

I’ve packed a dedication to high performance, a knack for problem-solving, a passion for lifelong learning, and a love of design.

I’m ready to start the climb toward long-term success. 

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