Hi, I'm Kristin.

I create intentional and engaging learning experiences that prioritize the learner.
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Featured Project:
5-Star Sales Strategies

Do you have what it takes to drive up sales and reviews?

This immersive scenario-based eLearning concept project was designed to help you make a sale without being too pushy.

Maintaining Lifelong Learning

I consistently stay updated on emerging learning trends and best-practices to better my practice. I've realized that discussing what you learn with others can spark opportunities for  growth and help reinforce learning. That's why I’ve created a weekly space for “Share What You’re Learning” #SWYL Mondays.

Share What You're Learning
Mondays #SWYL

#SWYL is a space to engage with the community, talk about what you’re learning, and learn from each other. 

Every Monday, I share my content picks for the week and in response, you can note these resources down and leave a comment about something you’re learning.

I’ll come back throughout the week and share at least 1️ takeaway from each resource in the comments.

So, what are you learning this week?

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"Kristin's instructional design skills are impressive. She has a deep grasp of how to help people learn and perform better, and she's also highly skilled with in-demand tools like Storyline and Vyond. These modern ID skills combined with her ability to quickly apply feedback make her a big value-add to any L&D team."

Instructional Designer & Coach
Peck Consulting

"Kristin creates experiences FOR learning, inviting and thought-provoking, opening portals for continuous exploration and discovery. Every detail is designed with conscious effort, yet never sacrificing meaningful content and intention. Development always considers the user and the progressions to learning. Always reflective of her practice, Kristin never ceases to evolve in her craft, anchored by research, observation, evidence and collaboration. Anytime I share her examples with other professionals, we end up learning more and seek to elevate our own practices, as Kristin continues to raise the bar."

Instructional Mentor & Coach
‍Etiwanda School District

"Kristin has demonstrated the ability to engage, empower, and inspire her learners. She is organized, eager to learn, and has a great eye for design. She's able to meet deadlines and create beautiful publications. She was able to pivot during the pandemic and came up with creative ways to connect with her learners and help them meet their end goals. She's an excellent educator and will be a true asset to the next team she finds herself on."

Yearbook Representative

I'm currently seeking full-time employment.

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