Outlining Learner-Centered Stories with SMEs Job Aid

This multimedia-enriched job aid empowers instructional designers in collaboratively outlining learner-centric stories with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs). Join Aleeza as she expertly leads a meeting with a SME, showcasing four key steps to outlining learner-centric stories. A downloadable resource is provided to help you replicate her approach with your own SMEs.

Audience: Instructional Designers, Learning Experience Designers, Curriculum Developers.
Instructional Design, Multimedia Development and Production, Visual Design, eLearning Development.
Tools Used:
Vyond, PowerPoint, Google Slides, Adobe Illustrator, YouTube, Canva, ChatGPT.

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The Problem

After speaking with numerous instructional designers, I uncovered a common desire: they want to incorporate storytelling into their courses. Yet, many are deterred by the lack of a clear storytelling structure. Furthermore, they often struggle with how to collaborate effectively with subject experts to craft a narrative that mirrors the real-life experiences of learners. 

The Solution

Upon thorough examination, I identified a core issue: a lack of knowledge of effective storytelling structures and techniques. To bridge this gap, I developed a job aid integrated with multimedia, designed to guide instructional designers step-by-step through the process of outlining learner-centered stories in collaboration with SMEs. This structured approach is not only designed to address the lack of knowledge, but also to empower instructional designers to lead productive discussions with SMEs, with the goal of creating impactful stories that resonate with learners.

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